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Shipping costs

All prices/information subject to change!!!

DUE TO CORONA and/or other reasons, we may cancel your order and refund you! Please contact us, that's the safest way either via contact-form or send us a message to [email protected] - cheers!

As we're in Switzerland, standard-shipping and all prices are in Swiss Francs and calculated from shipping out from Switzerland. Therefore, contact and we will re-calculate the shipping from Germany to your destination, as it may be in most cases (way) cheaper)!

For all prices outside EU and non-EU Europe, please contact us for additional and correct prices through the contact form before placing an order!

Shipping abroad from Switzerland is quite expensive therefore our prices are calculated by sending from Germany. This will be cheaper, but depending on the amount of parcels, we will only be able to drive to Germany every 2 - 4 weeks.

If you're not okay with that, we're more than happy to re-calculate the prices with Swiss standards (check list below).

We are also more than happy to charge you back part of the shipping costs if you combine shipping for several items. Due to the complexity of that issue, once your order is done and paid, we will pack & weigh everything and then send you the money back through paypal.

All prices/information subject to change!!!

Postage prices sent from Switzerland in CHF (swiss francs) incl. packaging:
1 LP = 500 g / 2 LPs or Box = 1 kg - First price is for economy (not tracked/insured), second for priority plus (which means tracking)!

- Switzerland until 2 kg:  8.- / 10.- (Priority)
- Europe (continent) 500 g: 10.- / 19.- Priority)
- Europe (continent) 1 kg: 13.- / 19.- (Priority)
- Europe (continent) 2 kg: 24.- / 31.- (Priority)
- All countries except Europe (continent) 500 g: 12.- / 24.- (Priority)
- All countries except Europe (continent) 1 kg: 18.- / 36.- (Priority)

- All countries except Europe (continent) 2 kg: 32.- / 48.- (Priority)

Postage prices sent from Germany in CHF (swiss francs) incl. packaging:
1 LP = 500 g / 2 LPs or Box = 1 kg

- 1CD or 1 Tape within Germany = 3€
- 1CD or 1 Tape within EU approx. 7.50€
- 5 kg for Germany approx. 9.00 (€ 7.49)
- 10 kg for Germany approx. 11.50 (€ 9.49)
- 2 kg for EU approx. 13.50 {€ 11.50)
- 2 kg World (without EU): approx. 24.00 (€ 20.00)

Most of the prices including tracking, as we wanna be on the safe side, if you specifically wish to have your stuff sent un-tracked and with no insurance, we can do that, but we'll take no responsibility and only bank-transfer or paypal for friends. sorry, too risky to bother paypal-clamis.

All prices/information subject to change!!!